Luton & District Monday Pool League


Luton & District Premier LeaguePWDLFA+-PTS
CCombine Harvesters @ RAYS 211650116526453
2Ashcroft S W M C B 211272105634243
3Ray's Flyers 21117394742040
4Outlaws @ RAYS 218678385-230
5Ashcroft S W M C A 218498781628
6St. Vincent's Shotz*217688286-425
7Biscot Mill 215887987-823
8Celtic S C A 215797791-1422
9George II A 214987692-1621
RStopsley R P S 2156107593-1821
RCrown H R A 21361268100-3215

Enterprise -6 removed from league. St vincents -2 points
Luton & District Division 1PWDLFA+-PTS
CPainters Arms A 20153297633448
PWheelwright Arms A*20126293672641
poHigh Town W M C 20103788721633
poGardeners Call Returners 2095685751032
poCOOP CLUB RGT*20105584741032
poGeorge II B*2093887731429
7Ray's Moats 2064107189-1822
8Wheelwright Arms B 2046106892-2418
9St. John's 2045117387-1417
RJolly Milliner 2044126991-2216
RL & D Social Club 2034136395-3213
 D S C Anytime*0000000-8
* George II B deducted 1 point, RGT deducted 3 point; Wheelwrights -1. D S C Anytime -8 points and are no longer in league
Luton & District Division 2PWDLFA+-PTS
CD S C Saints 191810111377455
PRay's Bitches 19135192603244
PGardeners Call 1994682701231
POBat & Barrel A 1985685671829
POBlack Horse 1972107478-423
POHansom Cab 196587280-823
POCrown H R B*195686583-1818
8Ray's Turbos 194696290-2818
9English Rose @ RAYS 1926116092-3212
RStopsley HH's*1923145098-488
 Mother Red Cap A*0000000-3
 The Bell*1033441392-8
* Mother Red Cap & The Bell no longer in league; Crown B -3 points, HH -1 point
Luton & District Division 3PWDLFA+-PTS
PBird & Bush*211632115516450
PRay's Guns 211434103653845
PCeltic S C B*211254100623838
PBarrels B 21110108286-433
POBarrels A*219578381231
POBat & Barrel B 218588088-829
POBailie B*219398381227
POLuton Old Boys 2156107688-1221
10Painters Arms Pythons*21331558108-5011
11Bailie A*21311748116-687
 Mother Red Cap B*11524473980
* Bailie B deducted 3 point, Bailie A -3 point, Painters Pythons - 1 point,Barrels A -1,  mother red cap B out of league, celtic -3 point, Bird & Bush -1, Windmill -1

End of season league table colour key
Automatic Promotion to next division up
Promotion play offs (4 teams immediately below promoted teams)
Automatic Relegation to next division below
Promotion and relegation places may be subject to change in accordance with league rules

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