Luton & District Monday Pool League - Rules

In this section you will find copies of the League Rules Manuals applicable to the current season. The 8-ball rules manual will cover the matchplay rules used by this league. The Starter Pack is intended to cover everything else which may be applied or addressed during the course of the season. If you have any questions it may be worth having a read through this first and see if your question is covered here.

The rules played in this league are based on the model of EPA pre-World Rules or otherwise referred to as 'pub rules'. The rules and formats used in this league have been reviewed and adapted gradually based on the opinions of its members since its inception in 2002. Rules reviews normally take place annually between seasons, canvassing opinions from members and the Committee. The decision not to utilise World Rules in this league is in view of the South Beds Pool League operating a World Rules system and competes on Thursday evenings in the same catchment area. A number of players compete in both leagues, whilst others prefer to play one set of rules over the other.

We have also provided a printable template for score cards here. These are designed to print off two cards to one sheet of A4.

L & D League 8 ball rules 2015.pdf L & D League 8 ball rules 2015.pdf
Size : 183.56 Kb
Type : pdf
L&D Monday League Starter Pack 2015-16.pdf L&D Monday League Starter Pack 2015-16.pdf
Size : 386.717 Kb
Type : pdf
Printable Score Cards.pdf Printable Score Cards.pdf
Size : 73.122 Kb
Type : pdf

Other Rules

Clarifications or amendments to existing rules during the season not included in the existing manuals will be added here as necessary.


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