Luton & District Monday Pool League


Luton & District Premier LeaguePWDLFA+-PTS
CCombine Harvesters 191540106466049
2Ashcroft S W M C B 18115292524038
3Ray's Flyers 1896379651433
4Outlaws 187477074-425
5Ashcroft S W M C A 187387569624
6St. Vincent's Shotz*186667272022
7Celtic S C A 195687082-1221
8Stopsley R P S 185586678-1220
9Biscot Mill 183876478-1417
10George II A 183876480-1617
11Crown H R A 1936106488-2415
Enterprise -6 removed from league. St vincents -2 points
Luton & District Division 1PWDLFA+-PTS
CPainters Arms A 17143089474245
PWheelwright Arms A*17106181552635
3George II B*1783673631026
4Round Green Tavern*188557468626
5High Town W M C 178277165626
6Gardeners Call Returners 177467066425
7Ray's Moats 176476670-422
8Jolly Milliner 1843116282-2015
9Wheelwright Arms B 183695985-2615
10L & D Social Club 1733115381-2812
11St. John's 1725106076-1611
 D S C Anytime*0000000-8
* George II B deducted 1 point, RGT deducted 3 point; Wheelwrights -1. D S C Anytime -8 points and are no longer in league
Luton & District Division 2PWDLFA+-PTS
CD S C Saints 17161098366249
PRay's Bitches 16114177512637
3Gardeners Call 188467668828
4Bat & Barrel A 166466860822
5Black Horse 167186563222
6Hansom Cab 175486373-1019
7Ray's Turbos 164575573-1817
8Crown H R B*163675272-2012
9English Rose 162685276-2412
10Stopsley HH's 1622124581-368
 Mother Red Cap A*0000000-3
 The Bell*1033441392-8
* Mother Red Cap & The Bell no longer in league; Crown B -3 points, 
Luton & District Division 3PWDLFA+-PTS
PBird & Bush*191522105456046
PRay's Guns 18131490543640
3Celtic S C B*18113485533233
4Barrels B 1811077470433
5Barrels A 198567872629
6Bat & Barrel B 187386777-1024
7Bailie B*188287268423
8Luton Old Boys 184596379-1617
10Painters Arms Pythons*19231450100-508
11Bailie A*18211541103-625
 Mother Red Cap B*11524473980
* Bailie B deducted 3 point, Bailie A -2 point, Painters Pythons - 1 point, mother red cap B out of league, celtic -3 point, Bird & Bush -1, Windmill -1

End of season league table colour key
Automatic Promotion to next division up
Promotion play offs (4 teams immediately below promoted teams)
Automatic Relegation to next division below
Promotion and relegation places may be subject to change in accordance with league rules

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