Luton & District Monday Pool League

League Cup Group Standings - Monday 4th January 2016

LC = Qualified for League Cup Knockout Round of 16*

CC = Qualified for Community Cup Knockout Round of 16*

*Subject to points deductions not being incurred.

 Group 1 TablePWDLFA+-PTS
Group 1 LCRay's Outlaws641131171413
Crown H R A6-2High Town W M C CCCrown H R A64022622412
English Rose1-7Ray's Outlaws 3High Town W M C62132127-67
Group 2 4English Rose61051830-123
Ray's Flyers6-2Gardeners Call B         
George II B3-5The Bell Group 2 TablePWDLFA+-PTS
Group 3 LCRay's Flyers660035132218
Bar Eireann0-5St. John's CCGardeners Call B6303262249
D S C Allsorts5-3Ashcroft S W M C B 3George II B62042028-86
Group 4 4The Bell61051533-183
Wheelwright Arms A6-2Round Green Tavern         
King's Arms3-5Jolly Milliner Group 3 TablePWDLFA+-PTS
Group 5 LCAshcroft S W M C B65013392415
Stopsley HH's6-2Ray's Cues CCD S C Allsorts63212517811
Black Horse A2-6Wheelwright Arms B 3St. John's62222022-28
Group 6 4Bar Eireann6006030-300
Bat & Barrel A6-2Windmill         
 Group 4 TablePWDLFA+-PTS
Group 7 LCRound Green Tavern640230181212
Enterprise A2-6Old Moat House CCWheelwright Arms A63302820812
 3Jolly Milliner61231830-125
Group 8 4King's Arms60332028-83
Hibbert Arms5-3Crown H R B         
 Group 5 TablePWDLFA+-PTS
Group 9 LCWheelwright Arms B641133151813
D S C Anytime7-1Enterprise B CCRay's Cues63032226-49
 3Stopsley HH's62222226-48
Group 10 4Black Horse A61141929-104
Hansom Cab3-5Stopsley R P S         
 Group 6 TablePWDLFA+-PTS
Group 11 LCBat & Barrel A431022101210
Painters Arms3-5St. Vincent's CCBar 324211181447
Group 12         
Gardeners Call A0-8Combine Harvesters           
 Group 7 TablePWDLFA+-PTS
Group 13 LCOld Moat House43102181310
Castle2-6George II A CCEnterprise A4211191367
Group 14         
Biscot Mill3-5Harvest Shotz           
 Group 8 TablePWDLFA+-PTS
Group 15 LCCeltic S C A43102181310
Mother Red Cap5-0L & D Social Club A CCCrown H R B41121415-14
 3Hibbert Arms4103719-120
Group 16         
High Town Newbies5-3Celtic S C B           
 Group 9 TablePWDLFA+-PTS
 LCWigmore Arms Meaders4301201289
 CCD S C Anytime4202161336
 3Enterprise B4103920-112
 Group 10 TablePWDLFA+-PTS
 LCStopsley R P S44002241812
 CCHansom Cab4202141226
 3Bird & Bush4004020-20-1
 Group 11 TablePWDLFA+-PTS
 LCSt. Vincent's44002662012
 CCHarvest Originals42021220-86
 3Painters Arms40041022-120
 Group 12 TablePWDLFA+-PTS
 LCCombine Harvesters4301181178
 CCAshcroft S W M C A4202161606
 3Gardeners Call A41031118-73
 Group 13 TablePWDLFA+-PTS
 LCGeorge II A43102012810
 CCStopsley Sidekicks42112210127
 Group 14 TablePWDLFA+-PTS
 LCHarvest Shotz43101913610
 CCL & D Social Club B4121161605
 3Biscot Mill40131319-61
 Group 15 TablePWDLFA+-PTS
 LCMother Red Cap44002241812
 CCBat & Barrel B4202141226
 3L & D Social Club A4004020-200
 Group 16 TablePWDLFA+-PTS
 LCCeltic S C B4301191369
 CCHigh Town Newbies41121517-24
 3Black Horse B41121418-44

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