Luton & District Monday Pool League


Draw to take place at next meeting

Rays Flyers, Dsc Saints, Biscot Mill, Crown A, Combine Harvesters, Ashcroft Swmc B, Gardeners Call Returners, Barrels A, Outlaws, St Johns, Rays Bitches, Celtic A, Stopsley Rps, George A, High Town Club, Bat & Barrel.

Ashcroft Swmc A, Painters A, Luton Old Boys, Windmill, Bird & Bush, L & D club, Stopsley HHs, Wheelwrights A, The Bell, Mother Red Cap B, Wheelwrights B, Hansom Cab, Crown B, English Rose, Jolly Milliner, Rays Moats.

Group 1 TablePWDLFA+-PTS
1Ray's Flyers633029191012
2Ashcroft S W M C A6222252328
3Painters Arms A61322325-26
4Barrels B61231929-105
Group 2 TablePWDLFA+-PTS
1D S C Saints660036122418
2Luton Old Boys62132226-47
4Ray's Guns60241929-102
Group 3 TablePWDLFA+-PTS
1Biscot Mill651035132216
2Crown H R A632130181211
4George II B60241236-242
Group 4 TablePWDLFA+-PTS
1Combine Harvesters650132161615
2St. Vincent's Shotz63122622410
3Bird & Bush62042226-46
4Gardeners Call61141632-164
Group 5 TablePWDLFA+-PTS
1Ashcroft S W M C B44002752212
2L & D Social Club42021418-46
3Black Horse4004725-180
4Mother Red Cap A0000000-1
Group 6 TablePWDLFA+-PTS
1Gardeners Call Returners641134142013
2Barrels A63212523211
3Stopsley HH's62222127-68
4Painters Arms Pythons60151632-161
Group 7 TablePWDLFA+-PTS
2Wheelwright Arms A63122424010
3Baille's B61051630-143
4Round Green Tavern61141331-183
Group 8 TablePWDLFA+-PTS
1St. John's642031171414
2Bat & Barrel A63122622410
3The Bell62042125-46
4Celtic S C B61141630-143
Group 9 TablePWDLFA+-PTS
1Ray's Bitches44002391412
2Mother Red Cap B41031319-63
3Ray's Moats41031220-83
4D S C Anytime00000000
Group 10 TablePWDLFA+-PTS
1Celtic S C A650137112615
2High Town W M C63212721611
3Wheelwright Arms B62132028-87
4Bat & Barrel B60151236-241
Group 11 TablePWDLFA+-PTS
1Stopsley R P S66003993018
2Hansom Cab63032028-89
3Crown H R B62042028-86
4Ray's Turbos61051731-143
Group 12 TablePWDLFA+-PTS
1George II A660035132218
2English Rose6303242409
3Jolly Milliner63032226-49
4Baille's A60061533-180

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